Safety Systems


AIC’s safety pledge

AIC is a leading supplier of safety systems, with over 15 years of experience and numerous technical papers and conference presentations as a skilled speaker. It is possible to find and implement the most appropriate solutions thanks to a new way of designing; full integration into the main automation plant is key to winning the challenge of safety conditions without risks and losses of efficiency.

CE marking, consulting services, hardware (mechanical and electrical), and documentation are all included in one bundle.


  • Safety access control with key removal systems
  • CCTV systems grant high safety standards and a constant and effective production control
  • Integration between SCADA screens and real-time images of the plant
  • Continuous recording with the play-back option
  • The camera system also on wireless technology and fibre optic
  • Historical and Analysis with trend systems
  • Material shape detection devices


The AIC safety system can be applied in the whole industry field: each plant can be ideally partitioned into macro-areas, each relating to a homogeneous phase of the production line, and managed by a specific type of safe access, safety command stations and proper devices. A possible breakdown in a single area activates specific protection tools but does not halt production or working activities in other areas.

Example of safety installation designed and commissioned by AIC:

  • Rolling Mill for 120 meters rails
  • Main control desks with released coded keys for Meltshop
  • CCM
  • Hot charging, Entry/Exit Reheating Furnace
  • Sliding & Reversing Rougher
  • Several type of Continuous Mill
  • Cooling bed entry & Finishing lines
  • Cut lines and coils line
  • Auxiliary & Lubrication for both Meltshop & Rolling Mill
  • Stacker
  • Tube line for welding field
  • Fas expander for tubes

Design and supply of the most suitable type of access according to the needs of each different area:

  • Electric Controlled access – Electric lock devices
  • Access controlled by blocked Bolt
  • Access controlled by lock with released trapped key
  • Access controlled by special identification such us:

    o    Secret code
    o    ID personal badge
    o    Fingerprints

  • Controlled access “man underground” with a forced exit
  • Access controlled by safety barriers
  • Access controlled by micro-switch control opening
  • Lockout and Tagout Identification
  • Proper safety devices (sensors and actuators)
  • Cranes and other advanced logistics and material handling solutions