Control unit and Safety PLC


Both the PLC program software and the control unit of the robotic application can be based on and developed using Siemens or Rockwell Automation components. Because of this flexibility, the user can implement a stand-alone station with a small CPU or integrate the system into a plant CPU.

AIC has also created a one-of-a-kind solution that allows a driver to be installed within the PLC panel. A dedicated electrical panel is no longer required for full integration, and the system can be integrated into existing automation panels.

The CPU Drive and the PLC communicate using an ethernet-IP communication standard with very high data exchange rates and flexibility. Operator terminals are set up for manual control, supervision, diagnostics, and robot calibration. All information can be accessed remotely via the HMI system or remote panels.

Many additional options that increase the system's flexibility and safety to meet the needs of customers:

 An interface for the system can be created in order to integrate it with existing tracking systems in the plant.

The system can receive relevant data to be printed on the tags, such as product ID, billet number, tag date and time, and logo.

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) can also show the tags to the operator in chronological order so that they can be manually attached if there is an error on the printed tags. Once the tags have been applied, the operator can remove them using the graphical interface.